"a testament to how Beat Street broke down the Berlin Wall, and how Wild Style calmed the Gaza Strip...Beyond the powerful commentary, Furious showcases a fiery mix of truly badass rappers [and] masterfully weaves these rap scenes together, showing throughout the doc that hip-hop everywhere thrives on a common counter-cultural angst." - Boston Phoenix

"a fascinating examination of the sound of rage, highly recognizable from one country to the next, and at the same time impregnated with local languages and cultures…" - le Monde

"a vivid cross-cultural study of contemporary Hip-Hop" - San Francisco Bay Guardian

"Its high production value not withstanding, Litle's film transcends the typical performance footage + talking heads formulation of so many music docs" - hammer to nail

"a hip-hop international manifesto that is simply a tour de force of rhyming, rhythm and documentary film making" - San Francisco Chronicle

"…one is again and again challenged by the uncompromising radically and need for expression of the artists encountered; seduced by their inventiveness, struck by their lucidity, conquered by their pacifism… Ultimately, this series of stories is as much a geopolitical treatise, a compendium of suffering and anger expressed in the name of art. Hip-Hop emerges full-grown." - La Croix